Friday, April 9, 2010

Almost... Kentucky

• Almost have bourbon in Bourbon County- apparently it’s DRY on Sundays!
• Almost have a Mint Julep, Kentucky’s signature cocktail, after failed attempts at several bars
• Almost have fried chicken (instead Bridget is spat on by our waiter)
• Almost make the exit for just ONE of the bourbon distilleries; the signs are well disguised.
• Almost finding a market along the highway that sells vegetables (canned soup doesn’t count)
• Almost go on the GOOD tour of the Mammoth Cave, but settle for the second-rate one with the entire population of Louisville’s unruly children
• Almost have bourbon at a Kentucky honky-tonk… instead, we settle for the local Mexican bar where we make-shift our own Mint Juleps with grapefruit soda next to bikers acting like they’ve never, ever, ever seen attractive women
• Almost score free camping in Mammoth National Park
• Almost sleep for more than a couple hours a night… but awake to ticks crawling on the netting across the entire circumference of the tent.

Moral of the story: don’t visit Kentucky unless you hate alcohol, fried chicken and like to ogle unattractive people. But if you find yourself in Kentucky, be sure to check out your local Mexican bar (always a good time) and Mammoth Cave National Park; despite the ticks, it was stunning!

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